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Heiko J. noted on Reservation

17 days ago
Felix Hill noted on Google

I picked up food there and after a short wait it was already ready. They even put some shrimp chips - unfortunately they were old or slightly soggy. They were no longer edible. The order was missing one sushi, but the rest was exactly as ordered. Except for the chips, the sushi was very good, I will order again.

1 month ago
Viktoria noted on Google

Great sushi all you can eat restaurant. The service was great, everything was very quick and uncomplicated. The sushi tasted good, of course there are better ones, but for the price-performance ratio TOP. I think the warm dishes taste even better than at Mukii in Dortmund. We'll definitely be back.

1 month ago
Peter Skow noted on Google


4 months ago
Trial Error noted on Google

We have been there several times and we are always impressed. We really like the sushi with fresh mint (mint leaf under rice paper with salmon and avocado). So far we have only seen this combination in a first class sushi in Düsseldorf. Super combo 👍

6 months ago
Roland H. noted on Reservation

7 months ago
Thomas Suchy noted on Google

We ate here for the first time and were delighted. Really delicious sushi. We especially like the Tempora Rolls. Everything is nicely presented and the atmosphere in the restaurant is also very pleasant. I have to say the Yasaki is a real alternative to the Yumini. The only drawback were the two ladies in the service. At first there was a problem with communication and ordering drinks. I assume that the two employees were new and that's why I turn a blind eye. It got better later, too. We will come back in any case.

8 months ago
Rüdiger K. noted on Reservation

Die Rechnung dauerte sehr lange und es war keine EC Zahlung möglich.

8 months ago
Stefan L. noted on Reservation

9 months ago
Blumen HolMan noted on Google

This was the fourth time we had lunch at the Yasaki and we were always very satisfied. From our point of view, the selection of appetizers, sushi and hot dishes is very extensive and the quality of the food is really great. Each dish is beautifully presented, served quickly at the table and is really tasty. The owner is always extremely friendly and accommodating, even my parents, over 80, who we were there with for my wife's birthday, noticed that. Just like us, they were enthusiastic about the tasteful ambience. We're always happy to come back - we probably have to take my parents with us now too ;-) , who had never eaten sushi before, they were so enthusiastic.

10 months ago

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