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Michael H. noted on Reservation

1 month ago
Brigitte B. noted on Reservation

Wenn man das Essen an den Tisch gebracht wird, wäre es prima, wenn eine Erklärung käme, was man da erhält. Wir hatten den Eindruck, dass wir 2 mal etwas erhalten haben, was wir nicht bestellt hatten. Summa summarum hat es aber sehr gut geschmeckt , was doch das Wichtigste ist. Auch die Menüs, die wir bestellt hatten, schmeckten sehr gut

5 months ago
Malvin von Frieling noted on Google


5 months ago
T3oby noted on Google

Omakase at Yasaki I had the pleasure of dining at Yasaki in Bochum, Germany recently, and I was blown away by the experience. The omakase is a must-try for any sushi lover, and the chef is a true artist. The omakase is a tasting menu that consists of a variety of sushi and sashimi dishes. The chef selects the dishes based on the freshest ingredients available in Germany, and he takes great care in preparing each dish. The fish was incredibly fresh and flavorful, and the rice was perfectly cooked. The chef was also very knowledgeable about the dishes, and he was happy to answer any questions that we had. The service was also excellent. The staff was attentive and friendly, and they made sure that we had a wonderful experience. Overall, I highly recommend Yasaki to anyone looking for a truly memorable sushi experience in Bochum. The omakase is a must-try, and the chef is a true artist. Specific praise for the chef: The chef was incredibly talented. He had a great eye for detail, and he was able to create beautiful and delicious dishes. He was also very passionate about his work, and it showed in the food. I was particularly impressed with the way he handled the fish. He was very careful to select the freshest ingredients available in Germany, and he took great care in preparing each dish. The fish was always perfectly cooked, and it was full of flavor. The chef was also very knowledgeable about the dishes. He was happy to answer any questions that we had, and he gave us a lot of insight into the Japanese culinary tradition. I would definitely go back to Yasaki just to experience the chef's cooking again. He is a true master of his craft. Here are some specific examples of the chef's talent: The sushi was perfectly proportioned, with the perfect balance of fish and rice. The sashimi was incredibly fresh, with a clean, briny flavor. The rolls were creative and delicious, with a variety of flavors and textures. The chef was also very creative with his presentation. The dishes were beautifully arranged, and they were a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Overall, I had an unforgettable dining experience at Yasaki. The food was excellent, the service was great, and the chef was a true artist.

5 months ago
Je Te noted on Google

Exceptionally good. We were the only guests. Everything was freshly prepared. Everything tasted great without exception. The food was delivered quickly. Large selection. Nice service. We will definitely come back!!!

7 months ago
C K noted on Google

It was very tasty, the dishes are all freshly made, you can order easily using a tablet and the selection is very large. The service is very friendly, we will definitely come back.

7 months ago
Jenny Nowak noted on Google

Great restaurant with great service and excellent, tasty and hot food! Absolutely recommended. Simply order via tablet. Finally everyone can stay seated at the table, not like at a buffet, but you still have the buffet character, thanks to all you can eat. The food was delicious and hot across the board. We had the dog under the table with us, which wasn't a problem. Top restaurant, we have been here 3 times and keep coming back

7 months ago
Stella Ciarfera noted on Google

I can only recommend. The food was very good and the sushi was also excellent. Keep it up

8 months ago
Heiko J. noted on Reservation

9 months ago
Felix Hill noted on Google

I picked up food there and after a short wait it was already ready. They even put some shrimp chips - unfortunately they were old or slightly soggy. They were no longer edible. The order was missing one sushi, but the rest was exactly as ordered. Except for the chips, the sushi was very good, I will order again.

10 months ago

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